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Car Insurance: Top 10 of Best Car Insurance Company in US


Car Insurance 2023

When it comes to choosing an insurance policy for your car, price is undoubtedly a significant factor. However, there’s more to a car insurance company than just premiums. At our organization, we understand this, and that’s why we’ve analyzed rates while also surveying more than 9,500 consumers to determine their satisfaction with their car insurance providers.

Using the feedback from consumers and data from other sources, we’ve identified the top 10 car insurance companies of 2023. However, determining the best insurer for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements.

USAA has once again claimed the top spot in our rating of the Best Car Insurance Companies of 2023. However, it’s important to note that their policies are only available to military personnel, veterans, and their families.


For those who don’t qualify for a USAA policy, American Family is the best overall option for car insurance. They rank no lower than third in any of the subcategories we researched and are second in our overall rating. State Farm is third, and Geico and Nationwide tie for fourth.


Our rating is designed to help consumers find a policy that aligns with their values and requirements. In addition to prices, we’ve also analyzed factors such as driving history, age, credit history, and a customer’s desired level of coverage. We’ve also asked consumers to provide feedback on customer service, claims handling, and customer loyalty to help drivers choose the right insurance experience for them.


While our rating is a great starting point, we recommend that consumers shop around, compare quotes, and learn what multiple insurers have to offer before making a final decision on their car insurance policy.

Top Rated Car Insurance Companies







$1,022 Compare Quotes »


American Family »

$1,383 Compare Quotes »


State Farm »

$1,279 Compare Quotes »



Geico »

$1,250 Compare Quotes »



Nationwide »

$1,473 See Review »



Farmers »

$2,078 Compare Quotes »



Travelers »

$1,355 Compare Quotes »



Allstate »

$2,135 Compare Quotes »




$1,958 Compare Quotes »


Progressive »

$1,540 Compare Quotes »



At U.S. News & World Report, we are committed to providing unbiased rankings and reviews to help guide our readers through life’s most complex decisions. Our 360 Reviews team utilizes this same objective approach to evaluate the products that you rely on daily.

In conducting our research for this study, we examined over 31 car insurance companies and agencies, analyzed 10 third-party review sources, and surveyed 9,502 consumers who had opened a policy or filed a car insurance claim in the past five years.


Our survey questions assessed factors such as satisfaction with filing a claim, customer service, communication regarding claim status, claim resolution, and overall value. We also inquired about the likelihood of recommending the company and renewing the policy.

Our 360 Reviews team does not accept product or service samples, gifts, or loans for review purposes. Any sample products that are provided for review are donated following the evaluation. Additionally, we maintain a separate business team that has no influence on our methodology or recommendations.

To generate comparative insurance rates for our study, we partnered with Quadrant Information Services to analyze publicly available rate data that car insurers file with state regulators. While not all companies operate in every state, Quadrant examined insurance rates from most of the largest national car insurance companies and agencies in all 50 states.

Our study rates are based on profiles for both male and female drivers aged 25, 35, and 60, using vehicles such as the 2017 and 2022 Honda Civic, 2017 and 2022 Toyota RAV4, and 2017 and 2022 Ford F-150, with annual mileage ranging from 6,000 to 12,000. We used three levels of car insurance coverage and credit tiers of good, fair, and poor.

Car Insurance

Additionally, we considered clean driving records, as well as records with one accident, one speeding violation, or one DUI for certain driver archetypes.

The rates displayed in our study are the mean rates for male and female drivers aged 25, 35, and 60, driving 12,000 miles annually, with medium coverage, good credit, and a clean driving record.


These rates are intended for comparative purposes only and should not be viewed as the “average” rates offered by individual insurers. Since car insurance rates are based on individual factors, the rates you receive may differ from those shown in our study.

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