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Nous recherchons une(01) gérante de l’une de nos boutiques



Description du poste

DHARMA COSMETICS est une entreprise spécialisée dans la fabrication et la distribution de produits cosmétiques. Nous recherchons une(01) gérante de l’une de nos boutiques dans la commune de Cocody

Activités principales

– Créer du trafic pour la boutique
– Accueillir les visiteurs et clients
– Enregistrement des ventes
– Encaisser le montant d’une vente
– Proposer un service complémentaire à la vente
– Recueillir l’avis et les remarques d’un client
– Réaliser le comptage des fonds de caisses
– Promouvoir Et Vendre Les produits sur les réseaux sociaux
– Marchandising
– Hygiène de la boutique et des produits

Profil du poste


• Lire et écrire correctement
• Maitriser le Marchandising
• Procédures d’encaissement
• Règles de tenue de caisse
• Connaitre les techniques de vente sur les réseaux sociaux.
• Maitriser les techniques de vente sur les réseaux sociaux.

Dossiers de candidature

Merci de nous envoyer une lettre de motivation avec prétention salariale + CV à : evimacosmetics@gmail.com


Loan Options for International Students in Australia 2023-2024


As an international student in Australia, funding your studies can be challenging. With the high tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses, you may find yourself struggling to make ends meet.

Luckily, there are loan options available for international students in Australia. These loans provide financial assistance to students who require it and allow them to focus on their education without the worry of managing expenses.

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In this blog post, we will discuss the various loan options available for international students in Australia in 2023-2024.


One of the loan options available to international students studying in Australia is FEE-HELP. This government loan program covers all or part of the tuition fees for eligible higher education courses. This loan can be particularly useful for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree, graduate diploma, or master’s degree in Australia.

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The FEE-HELP loan does not cover living expenses such as rent, groceries, or transportation, so it is important to have a budget plan in place. It is also worth noting that there is a limit to how much you can borrow through FEE-HELP, and there are some courses that are not eligible for this loan.

To apply for FEE-HELP, you must be enrolled in an eligible course at a university or other approved higher education provider in Australia. You will need to fill out a Request for FEE-HELP Assistance form and submit it to your provider before the census date. The census date is the last day you can withdraw from the course without incurring a debt.

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Repaying the loan is done through the Australian taxation system, and only once you earn over a certain threshold of income. The repayment amount is based on your income and is automatically deducted from your salary.

Overall, FEE-HELP is a great option for international students looking for a loan in Australia to cover tuition fees for eligible higher education courses. It is important to understand the loan limits and repayment terms before applying.

VET Student Loans

Another loan option for international students studying in Australia is the VET Student Loans program. VET stands for vocational education and training, and this loan program is specifically for students pursuing a vocational or technical qualification, such as a trade or certificate course.

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Similar to FEE-HELP, VET Student Loans allows eligible students to borrow money from the government to pay for their course fees. The amount you can borrow depends on the cost of the course, and there is a cap on how much you can borrow per year.

To be eligible for VET Student Loans, you must meet certain criteria, including being an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen who meets certain residency requirements. You must also be studying with an approved provider and have a Tax File Number (TFN).

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Repayment of VET Student Loans works in the same way as FEE-HELP, where you only start repaying once your income reaches a certain threshold. It’s worth noting that the repayment threshold for VET Student Loans is lower than for FEE-HELP, at around $54,000 AUD per year.

Overall, the VET Student Loans program is a good option for international students looking to pursue a vocational or technical qualification in Australia. Make sure to check if your chosen course is eligible for VET Student Loans, and to meet all the eligibility criteria before applying for this loan in Australia.

State and Territory Governments

Another option for international students seeking financial aid in Australia is to turn to State and Territory Governments. While these programs can vary from region to region, they can offer valuable support to students in need.

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Some state governments offer their own loan programs, providing students with access to funds that can be used for tuition, living expenses, or other costs associated with pursuing a degree. Additionally, some territories offer grants or other forms of financial assistance that can help students cover the cost of education.

To find out more about the loan options available through State and Territory Governments, it is best to check with the relevant agencies or offices in your area. You can also seek out guidance from your school’s financial aid office, which may be able to connect you with resources and support for obtaining a loan in Australia.

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Keep in mind that loans offered by State and Territory Governments may come with specific requirements or limitations, so it is important to do your research and understand the terms and conditions before accepting any offers. However, for those who are eligible, these programs can be a helpful way to finance your education and achieve your goals as an international student in Australia.


In addition to loan options, international students studying in Australia also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships. These scholarships are awarded by various organizations and institutions and are based on merit or financial need.

One of the most popular scholarship options for international students in Australia is the Australia Awards Scholarship. This scholarship program is funded by the Australian Government and is available to students from eligible countries who are pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in Australia.

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Another popular scholarship option is the Endeavour Leadership Program, which provides funding for high-achieving international students to undertake a study program, research or professional development in Australia. This scholarship program is also funded by the Australian Government and is available to students from eligible countries.

In addition to these government-funded scholarships, many universities and private organizations also offer scholarships specifically for international students. These scholarships may cover tuition fees, living expenses or travel costs, and are usually awarded based on academic merit, leadership potential, or community involvement.

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It is important for international students to research and apply for scholarships early on in their studies as application deadlines can be quite early. Additionally, some scholarships may have specific eligibility requirements or application processes that need to be followed closely.

Overall, scholarships can be a great way for international students to reduce the financial burden of studying in Australia and can also be a valuable addition to a student’s resume.

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