car insurance: top 10 of car insurance for international license in us 2023

Car insurance

Car insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company that provides you with specific coverage in terms of paying your premiums. Your car insurance policy is the contract that allows you to make claims in the event of a loss

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When driving in the United States, it is mandatory to have car insurance. This applies to expatriates, students coming to the US on a visa, diplomats, foreigners – any non-US citizen.


When it comes to car insurance, foreign driving licence holders have several options. After reading this article, you will understand the pros and cons of these options, as well as important information about applying for an international driving licence, the laws in this area and more.

Car insurance for drivers with an international driver’s licence…

For those coming to the US on a visa If you are a non-US citizen who has just arrived here, you will probably have to pay much more than the average US citizen. This is not surprising because new drivers do not have a local driving record, which is very important for an insurance company (the insurer needs your driving record as a basis for calculating your premium).

You also have no credit history in the US. Not surprisingly, most insurers will offer you higher rates than for US residents with a comparable history.

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However, some companies specialise in protecting non-citizens and promise not to treat their customers in this way: they calculate your costs based on the driving record of your country of residence. So if it’s clear, you’re more likely to get lower rates.

Here are 3 car insurance options for international drivers.

1-Renting a car that is already insured

This is a wise choice for those who are not going to be in the US for more than six months. Most of these people prefer to rent a car and, in this case, car insurance is usually automatic. However, you will probably have to pay an additional fee.

2-Being added to someone else’s car insurance cover

This option is often used by those who have a family member in the country they are visiting. The family member simply adds you to their own car insurance cover. They will have to pay an additional fee (as adding an international driver is not free), and then you can reimburse them for that money. In any case, it’s much cheaper than buying a separate car insurance policy yourself.

3-Using your credit card

This is another way to get car insurance that International Driving Permit holders can use. If this option is available, it means that you automatically insure yourself when you rent a car with your credit card. This can be very attractive, as it allows you to get


Top Rated Car Insurance Companies for foreigners







$1,022 Compare Quotes »


American Family »

$1,383 Compare Quotes »


State Farm »

$1,279 Compare Quotes »



Geico »

$1,250 Compare Quotes »



Nationwide »

$1,473 See Review »



Farmers »

$2,078 Compare Quotes »



Travelers »

$1,355 Compare Quotes »



Allstate »

$2,135 Compare Quotes »




$1,958 Compare Quotes »


Progressive »

$1,540 Compare Quotes »



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