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scholarship opportunity: fully funded scholarship 2023 usa for foreigners


scholarship opportunity: introduction

The Fully Funded Scholarship to the United States is a programme offered to international students wishing to pursue a university education in the United States.

The scholarship is funded by private organisations and covers all costs associated with university study, including tuition, books, travel, accommodation and living expenses. In general, fully-funded scholarships in the United States are offered to the brightest and most talented students who need financial support to pursue their higher education.

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We are pleased to present the Scholarships at the University of Kansas in the USA for the academic year 2023-2024. To apply for this scholarship, it is necessary to meet the requirements and conditions set by the responsible body.

The 2023 US Scholarship is targeted at specific countries and groups and is named, funded and offered by a specific organisation. It is aimed at specific levels of study and specialities.

The amount of this scholarship is defined and it has a fixed application deadline. A full description of the scholarship and the information needed to apply are provided.

It is important to note that scholarships are an excellent opportunity for students wishing to study abroad. Many universities abroad offer hundreds of scholarships each year, allowing international students to benefit from free or reduced tuition fees. Therefore, in order to apply for this scholarship, it is important to be aware of all the necessary information and requirements.

1- Information of this scholarship

Here is a summary of the main information to know about the scholarship:

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Year of the scholarship: 2023
Country: USA
Name of the scholarship: University of Kansas Scholarship
Organisation: University of Kansas
Level of study: Bachelor’s degree
Scholarship specialities: Humanities and social sciences, basic sciences, computer science, health sciences, and others.
Amount of scholarship: Up to 100% of tuition fees
Application deadline: 30 November 2023
Target countries: All countries
Target groups: All groups
Number of scholarships: Not specified.

2-Description of this scholarship

KU International Admissions offers a number of scholarships for undergraduate students wishing to obtain a degree.
The scholarships are renewable and can range from $3,000 to a full tuition waiver, worth over $25,000 per year.
First-year students receive the highest scholarship for which they are eligible.

Students cannot obtain additional scholarships from KU International Admissions, but they can receive scholarships from their academic unit at KU.
To renew their scholarship each year, students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 and enroll in a minimum of 27 credits at KU.
Applications for the 2023 KU International Excellence Award will be open from August 1 to November 30.

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To be eligible for the award, students must submit a complete application to KU with all required documents by November 10.
The KU International Excellence Award is a competitive scholarship equivalent to a full tuition waiver for first-year students or transfers admitted to KU for the fall term.

scholarship opportunity
scholarship opportunity

If you do not meet the requirements for this scholarship, but would like to study at a university in the United States at your own expense, we suggest that you consider the following:
The costs of public universities in the USA
The costs of private universities in the USA
The steps involved in applying to a private university in the USA
The steps to enrol in a public university in the United States.

3- How to apply for a scholarship

To be eligible for a scholarship, it is usually necessary to be admitted to the university offering the scholarship. Before applying, it is important to learn about three key elements: the admission process to US universities, tuition fees in the United States, and the application process at US universities.

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It is also crucial to prepare a good CV and cover letter, as these documents are essential for any scholarship application. Articles on writing CVs and cover letters for students can help you prepare these documents well.

If you are interested in applying for the scholarships mentioned, please use the link below to submit your application.

Link to apply: Apply for this scholarship
Official link : https://ku.edu/